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Well....Here i go again...another new and big project...*L*...for some reason i don't think i can stop until each and every room in my house has a mural or something painted somewhere on the walls...*grin* i guess i can even add floors to that now...hehe..

April 26 pic update

starting the ceiling (that's my daughter figuring out the math part)

puter corner of the room still need to make all my trim for things

tv area

pretty much finished ceiling

Pic No. 1
not much to say about this can see the mess all about and pretty much just getting started...did have the carpet taken out and most of the floor painted ...
Pic No. 2
just kinda showing how i layed the stones out with chalk and some of the beginning stages of the next rocks to be painted in....
Pic No. 3
you can see my helpers on my bed in this one...the big black thing is my 28 pound cat...for some reason one of my other cats in this pic has her tongue sticking out...maybe she did not want her pic taken..*L*
Pic No. 4
lots more stone painted in but no detail yet...took more trim down and forgot to take it out of the room before i shot the pic...doh!!!..
Pic No. 5
more detail painted in...and the back of my daughters head...*L*..the window is a little more defined...and i have penciled in the scene i will be painting inside...
Pic No. 6
a better look overall...i have rough drafts stuck to the ceiling of what i want to paint up there...
Pic No. 7
you can see from this view...that i have most of my closet and puter shelves painted...the arch above the closet door is no where near done...just roughed in...and look my daughter actually has a face...teehee.....